Do not let the past disturb you. Leave everything in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and begin again with joy. – St. Teresa of Calcutta

Sunday May 28th, 2023
Message From Our Pastor & News


Dear Friends,         

As mentioned last week in the Pastor’s message there are three elements that make up a moral action: Object (what is done), End (the intention/motive for the action) and the Circumstance (all the other surrounding factors – who, when, where and in what way).

            When it comes to the Moral Object; each action falls under one of three categories: Good, Bad or Indifferent. The Object refers to the objective perspective of things. In general, prayers are good; stealing is bad and doing exercise (or gardening) is indifferent (either good or bad – as it receives its moral value by the end and circumstance).

            For an individual action to be morally good, the object (or what we are doing) must be objectively good. Some acts, apart from the intention or reason for doing them, are always wrong because they go against a fundamental or basic human good. For example; euthanasia – if we remove the reason (to relieve the person from pain) and if we remove the circumstances (because they are sick, old or weak), then euthanasia is no different from murder. In other words, a bad action because of a so called ‘good’ intention does not make the entire action good. This is the meaning of the saying “the end does not justify the means” (CCC 1849-1761). We can never do something evil to so call ‘bring about a good’. Some bad actions are intrinsically evil, they are wrong in themselves, therefore no matter the intention or circumstance they are always bad.  

            With regards to indifferent actions, it takes its moral value from the end (intention) and the circumstance. For example, as we mentioned, exercise or gardening. Why do I exercise? For vain appearance? Or why do I garden? So that other may praise my garden? In these cases, the intention is bad, so the action becomes sinful. But, on the other hand, if I do these actions to enjoy myself (as a hobby), to spend time with others or better yet to give glory to God (through health or for the beauty of His creation) – then the action is good or holy.  “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31)

Together in Prayer



Note No Altar Server Practice on June 2nd, 2023.

Rosary with Music cancelled for unforeseen circumstances.  

Saturday Mass and Garden

In order to help beautify Sacred Heart Church, on Saturday, June 3rd we will have Holy Mass (First Saturday of the Month Devotion) and Gardening Day. Holy Mass will be at 8:30 AM followed by a gardening from 9:15AM-12PM; you are welcome to stop by at any time and help for as long as you can.

Diocesan Pastoral Plan

Most Rev. Bishop Miehm on this feast of Pentecost, is inaugurating our Diocesan Pastoral Plan which charts a course for parish activity and ministry in the next five years. Titled “Transforming our Lives; Building our Church,” it is the fruit of prayerful discussion and discernment over the past two years, in parish, regional and diocesan meetings. Please see letter printed behind June’s calendar.

Sacred Heart Church Dome Repair

As you may notice Sacred Heart Church needs to undergo some major repairs. Currently, the dome roof needs to be repaired as there is leaking on the east side of the dome (just beyond the sanctuary entrance into the sacristy).  Repairs to the dome roof would make way for other work in the Church, such as painting the interior of the Church. We would greatly appreciate any donation made for the dome roof repairs (and any other repairs). If your donation is put in the collection basket, please write a note clarifying that the donation is going towards the church repairs. Thank you.

Corpus Christi (Eucharistic) Procession 

We need volunteers for the Corpus Christi Procession on June 11th.The walking Procession will run from Sacred Heart Church (after the Sunday, 9 AM Mass) make its way to Saint John the Baptist for the 10:30 AM Mass. Please contact Father Alex Salazar if you can help with Traffic Control, Audio or holding the Canopy for the Eucharist.

Sacred Heart Novena

June 7 – 15th from 6:30 – 7:30 PM Adoration, Rosary, Novena Prayer and Homily. This year’s topic will be on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. More details coming soon.

Sacred Heart of Jesus – HOLY MASS

June 16th at 5PM – The Holy Mass at Sacred Heart will be presided by Bishop Daniel Miehm. Following Holy Mass we would like to invite everyone to the Parish Hall for a Potluck Dinner.  Bring something to share!

Saint John the Baptist Parish Festival

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, at 4PM Holy Mass followed by Festival Celebration.  Food, games, raffle, and entertainment! Please join us in this celebration. 

Friday Adoration at Sacred Heart

Every Friday there is adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Sacred Heart in reparation for the offences made to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from 1:30 to 6:30PM and confessions from 5:00 to 6:30PM. 

Other activities in the Diocese Please see the bulletin board at the entrance of the church.